Welcome to my greenhouse website!

Here's my greenhouse! I'm building this out of wrought iron that I got for free. I plan on using more iron and glass but here's my progress. Here's the pile of iron I'm starting with.

This is real heavy stuff!

I decided to put the greenhouse in front of the barn.

I moved my welding tanks to the back porch.

I bought 50 foot welding hose so I have plenty of room to work.

It took me awhile to figure out how to weld this up straight.

To get this straight, I used a plate of 1/2 inch steel and clamps. I dug a hole in the ground so I could clamp it.

Once I had one half together I stood it up.

Then I welded up the other half.

Then I welded the two halves together.

Here's my fancy clamping to get everything straight in the air!

Finished! At least for today. Stay tuned for more to come! I still need a door, a roof, and a glass or plastic covering.

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