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I've bred canaries for years and decided to switch to lovebirds! I moved into a new house and have since reduced the number of birds I have. I'm down to four canaries, four lovebirds, and one cockatiel (my hand fed, tame pet - not for sale!). Here's a photo of my setup. I currently have five cages with birds on a metal rack that I welded together from angle iron. Making your own cage stand has many advantages. I wanted a rack that had casters on it so I could easily move it to vacuum around the bird room. I also wanted to conserve space and put as many cages as possible from top to bottom and side to side and still get my plastic totes under the stand. The totes contain canary and lovebird/cockatiel seed as well as newspaper for the bottom of the cages. I also have a pet rabbit named Molly, a holland lop ear next to the birds in a cage on the floor (left side of photo).

Here's my lovebird breeding cage. I bought a wooden breeders box from the pet store. I bought this pair of lovebirds about two months ago and since then they have laid and eaten several sets of eggs. I kept checking the box and one week there were eggs and the next they were gone.

I keep a wire on the box lid so they don't get out. I just wrapped some bailing wire around the box. The pet store where I bought the lovebirds said that they had a pair get out and acually kill other birds in other cages. I'm not really sure how they got into other cages but I thought I'd keep them as secure as possible.

The birds stay in the box full time, it's like I don't even have birds in the cage! I stuck my hand and camera in the cage for this shot!

Here is papa bird watching over the nest. The males and females look exactly the same and pair up for life. Usually to get a pair, you put a bunch of young together and watch them pair up. Then hopefully you get a pair (which is not always the case). I took a chance on these as they were not a proven breeding pair.

As you can see from the little chick in the nest, I was lucky and got a male and female from this pair! These are both Lutino Peach Faced Lovebirds. I've heard that a pair of these can have babies in a rainbow of colors so it should be interesting to see what color the baby is when it matures.

I put on a leather glove and tried to coax mama out of the nest but instead she decided to bite my glove! Luckily it was a thick enough glove to where I didn't get bit.

I am not hand rasing these birds but am raising their babies to sell as breeding pairs. I need to raise a few more babies but soon I plan on having some for sale. If you are interested, write me at cchardwick@yahoo.com.
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