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Preventing Umbrella Cockatoo Biting Problems

A cockatoo that decides to start biting, for one reason or another, is always a problem bird. The cockatoo's bite can be devastating. It will rip through flesh like a hot knife on butter, and even sever fingers. Often times this is a result of an owner abusing the bird by slapping, hitting, or being aggressive toward it. There is no return once the bird has started biting. This is not to say that mild biting is a problem. 'Pinchers', or birds that lightly bite down, can be trained not to 'pinch'. Biting birds can often be 'tamed down' but at one point will be set off by an uncomfortable setting or triggered memory of abuse and will unleash the fear or anger on bystanders. Because the cockatoo has such a powerful bite, it should never be allowed to perch on your shoulder, since in this position the bird can do quite a bit of damage.

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